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Every team has a multitude of expenses, and although we try to be self-sufficient, we want to make a quality dance experience accessible to every member. With this in mind, donations of any size are always appreciated. Please read below if you want an in-depth look at some of our specific supply needs as a team, and click here if you would like to donate. 

FMHS Compliment Circle.jpeg


  • Portable Sound System ($300)

  • New Pom Sets ($20/set, need 40)

  • Dance costumes ($40/costume, need 40)

  • Warmups/Pep Rally outfits ($30/set, need 40)

  • Tumbling mats ($100 each, need 4)

How to Help

Our dancers appreciate monetary donations and performance inquiries. If you wish to make a donation that will go directly to the team, click here. Attending our fundraisers and performances also help, so make sure to follow our social media to be kept up-to-date about those! Additionally, we are open to performing for you, so reach out to us over email for any performance inquiries.

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