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Creativity. Passion. Family.

About Riptide Dance Team

Our Philosophy

The Fort Myers High School Riptide Dance Team provides a home and artistic outlet for its members. We foster a sense of community in our team by prioritizing bonding, positivity, and respect. Our mission is to provide a well-rounded dance education to members that creates an appreciation for all aspects of the art form. While dance is our main focus, we recognize the time spent in rehearsals is valuable, and encourage connections to be made among members to make the environment as supporting and welcoming as possible. Our mission is to train our dancers to be real performers and show them the beauty, creativity, and community that dance provides. Although everyone has their own strengths, it is important for dancers to be exposed to new styles and techniques outside of their comfort zone, which is why we are involved in many performances and competitions. 

Our Coach

Ms. Jessica Anthony is an English teacher at Fort Myers High School and a Riptide alumnus. She attended the University of Florida, earning a B.A. in English. While at UF, she was president of Floridance Dance Company. Ms. Anthony is so excited to be a Greenie again and looks forward to coaching the dance team and creating a positive environment for her dancers. 

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Our Captains

Grace Basey (or Gracey Basey if you want it to rhyme) is a senior at FMHS and captain of the dance team. She is an IB student and plans to go to college at FGCU to study criminal psychology. Her favorite thing to do is dye her hair with friends!

Abby Miller is a junior at FMHS. She has been on the dance team for 3 years and a captain for 1. She has been dancing since the age of 3! Her favorite style is either deep contemporary or a modern jazz. Outside of Riptide, she is the Sports Editor for the FMHS Yearbook and on the track team! Her favorite part about being on the dance team is performing for her school and taking selfies with the girls! 

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